Update: First Encounter

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Update! I have seen A twice since he got back to the states *tears*. So much has happened and I honestly am so happy and feeling so much light and love in my life. Here is how the first trip went:
So, I got  on a plane. Let me tell you, I love flying, but flying and also suffering from chronic pain issues, is not the best situation. Oh well, I survived. When I got to NC, I ran to the nearest bathroom because I wanted to freshen up and make sure my hair was as wild and big as can be. I was so nervous that I had to pee like 2 times. I also wanted there to be some suspense for him. So I made him wait a little while all the other people went to baggage claim I was in the bathroom giving myself  a pep talk and high five in the mirror (I plot).

I found the stairs and I remember feeling weak in my legs and I thought: is this the fibromyalgia or my love for A!? Then I saw his face...I ran to him and he hugged me so tight. It was honestly as if the last two years were not spent physically apart. I cried, and he pretended not to. He grabbed my hand and off we went. 

For the record, NC is fucking beautiful. I love home, but my God there are trees and greenery everywhere! It was humid but not like Oklahoma humid. I dig it. 

A and I slipped right back into what we had always been; best friends. We laughed, we shared music with each other, we reunited in all the best ways possible. He took me to the zoo, he knows me. Here are some pics....


  1. I love NC! I spent 4 years there and I miss it.


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